Update – April 2022

Last time we posted were just about to slow down the internal repurposing work to allow for the road works to commence.

Well at last its done – we had some delays from suppliers (which many people in many walks of life have been suffering from) but we now have the carpark, the drains and the bellmouth completed and as they bed in it looks smarter and smarter.

Work has continued internally: The main hall has completely new plumbing, a new heating system, new electrics and a new fire alarm system, the walls have been insulated with a very thick mat of sheeps wool and has been framed and sheeted (except for one gable end which will become a feature wall) ready for plastering – which is happening next week.

The plant room has had some serious plumbing going on with new fire alarms, and new electrics as well

Outside the community garden is taking shape with some fruit trees delivered and Easter Saturday a gang will be shifting this 12 tonnes of topsoil and manure into the raised beds

The frame in the picture is for mounting the solar panels on and will be cut down to the correct height now the legs have set into the concrete base.

Have a great Easter and we’ll post some more pictures soon

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