School History

From 1716 there was a school in Brig o’ Turk,  when it was at Dunvegan, which today is a private home.  The first Headmaster is recorded as a Mr Donald McIaren.  King George 1st sat on the English throne and it was the time of  the 1715/16 Jacobite uprising of James Edward Stewart (often referred to as the Old Pretender) which saw the Battle of Sherrifmuir.

In 1876, the year that Alexander Graham Bell applied for the patent for the telephone the school moved to its new home where it stayed as a school until it was mothballed in 2016 and saw an official closure in July 2019.

We are planning to display local, and school, history in a dedicated space within the refurbished space. If you have any stories, images or objects that you would like to share we would be delighted to hear from you. If you have a passion for history and would like to contribute time to the project then there is always space on the team.

Sneak Preview

The image gallery below shows some of the in-situ history from the school building discovered as we start to plan the renovations.

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