Progress report

It’s been a while since we posted – so here’s an update.

Following a successful crowd funding round more institutional fund raising continued and we have raised from a variety of sources over £240k, in total the project needs about £300k and a lot of volunteer effort. having raised 80% of the funds required we are proceeding with the repurposing of the school.

The biomass boiler is installed in the newly created plant room and the the toilets are currently being refurbished and “adult sized” along with the creation of an accessible toilet.

In the main hall volunteers have been busy ripping out the old school look and taking the walls and roof back to its the original Victorian state. It has been a journey of discovery fireplaces, beams, old lintels, hidden doorways, and fire residue from the fire in the 1980’s. At the end of January we had the fire residue cleaned professionally.

Words fail us we are really proud of what we have uncovered, exposed, restored and moments like this make all the hard work of the project worthwhile.

As the main school was ….
…… Work in progress
So worthwhile!

This week work has started on the new bellmouth entrance and the car park, so internal work is on hold.

Once this necessary access work is complete, towards the end of February. The community garden team will be busy creating the vegetable garden, the solar power will be installed and plumbers, joiners, electricians, together with a stone mason will once again descend on the building.

Busy and exciting times!

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