Achray West – National Park Parking and Traffic Mitigation

The Community Trust, along with other local organisations such as the Community Council and Steamship Trust have been meeting over the summer at the instigation of the National Park. There is a requirement to define a long-term Masterplan for the Trossachs area, however a short-term (early 2022) possibility for funding has been identified by theContinue reading “Achray West – National Park Parking and Traffic Mitigation”


Our crowd funder campaign ends at 14:00hrs or 2pm British Summer Time tomorrow (Tuesday)   We are tantalising close to achieving our revised goal of £10,000:  With cheques in, due to be banked, and Gift Aid we currently have a total of £9773, just £227 short. Can you help us get across the line? Please try. WeContinue reading “COUNTDOWN!”

Why (4) – Heritage

Yesterday we caught up with the team who are researching material for our heritage centre about Education in the Trossachs “old style” Ordnance Survey, 1st edition, 1859-64. © CC BY 4.0 (NLS) Our plans for the Old School include a heritage centre with audio-visual displays describing some of the rich history and culture of the area. Naturally,Continue reading “Why (4) – Heritage”


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