2 days to go: natural neighbours (4)

Our story would not be complete without an appearance from the “Monarch of the Glen” so here he is:  The primeval roar of the stags echoes down the glen and over the village and the school in October and is a right of passage when people move to the Trossachs , unless they decide toContinue reading “2 days to go: natural neighbours (4)”

3 days left & Home for history (2)

Only three days left to run on the crowd fund campaign – so that is still time for you to support the Trust as we repurpose the Old Trossachs School into a community led visitor centre amongst other things this will create local employment, provide toilet facilities for the many tourists who visit and celebrateContinue reading “3 days left & Home for history (2)”

Why (4) – Heritage

Yesterday we caught up with the team who are researching material for our heritage centre about Education in the Trossachs “old style” Ordnance Survey, 1st edition, 1859-64. © CC BY 4.0 (NLS) Our plans for the Old School include a heritage centre with audio-visual displays describing some of the rich history and culture of the area. Naturally,Continue reading “Why (4) – Heritage”

Don’t forget – 6 days left

There are 6 days left go our crowdfunding campaign to run so it is time to remind you of one of our super rewards that you can still take book: The Trossachs is  a gem of a place for family cycling – miles and miles of off road tracks including the Sustrans Lochs and Glens (NCN7) Way. SafeContinue reading “Don’t forget – 6 days left”