School Plan

5 years ago our much loved village school here in the Trossachs closed.  Since then, we have been fighting to preserve it and give it a new life, to ensure that this historically important building remains at the heart of our village life.  After a lot of effort and fund raising from our community, in March 2021 we got the keys to the school and we are now asking for your help so we can repurpose it as a community-led visitor centre to reopen in Spring 2022.

Central to this will be displaying our heritage as a community this will include more detail on the history of the school as well as the history of our wee highland village which stretches back centuries. It has seen hardy cattle drovers, Jacobite uprisings , ground-breaking artists, and innovative engineers, and the visitor centre will celebrate this diverse heritage. The school was a central part of the lives of villagers from its opening in 1875, and we will preserve the stories and memories of pupils, teachers and parents within the school building. 

With more and more visitors to the Trossachs, to Glen Finglas & to Brig o’ Turk the need for more facilities is undeniable.  As well as celebrating our heritage we aim to provide toilets, a café and a shop selling locally produced arts, crafts and foods. In so doing we anticipate creating sustainable local employment and raising the funds to ensure this beautiful building is preserved for future generations to enjoy.

The Trossachs Community Trust is a charity and the Visitor Centre will be run on a not for profit basis and any surplus generated will be ploughed back into community projects in the Trossachs.

How You Can Help

We love our old school but need your help to help us fund the renovation and repurposing. The community are donating time, resources, equipment and skills of all shapes and sizes to the project but we also need external contractors, services and equipment. We have already delivered the biomass heating and hot water system. but there is a lot still to do:

The building needs rewiring, re plumbing (for instance we need to upgrade the toilet facilities to adult size and include a disabled toilet suite), a commercial kitchen and servery need installing and the fabric of the building is in need of some tender loving care as well as general redecoration.

In June 2021 we will run a crowdfunding campaign and ask you to donate what you can to this worthwhile venture. if you click on the link below this will take you to the crowdfunding site, where you will be be able to donate. There will also be the opportunity for you to tie your donation to a gift from the trust if you so desire be it an inscription on the donor wall or a more exclusive experience.

Just click to go to the link:

Your generosity will help the Old Trossachs’ School to remain in community ownership and to continue to play a vital role in sustaining our village. We thank you in advance and we hope to welcome you here the next time you are visiting the Trossachs. We look forward to meeting you.

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