Infinity Pools

Many resort hotels boast pictures of their infinity pools. Well tough luck to them we think we have the ultimate infinity pool , though as it is a reservoir you can’t swim in it!

About a km up the glen from the Old Trossachs School you come across the Glen Finglas dam 115ft high and 720ft long and covers an area of 316 acres. It has a generating capacity of 460kwH.  It was along time in the planning, the act of parliament allowing for the creation of a reservoir in Glen Finglas to keep Loch Katrine topped up was passed in 1915 yet it was only built between 1963 and 1965.

When the waters recede you can see the walls surrounding fields and the old farm buildings. One of those buildings was home to Iain, a highly valued member of our community, and a font of quietly spoken common sense, who as a boy used to go down the glen to the school. 

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