Our school in our community (5)

Today, Chris & Rowena Mitchell share with you their parent’s perspective.

“Trossachs Primary School was a shining example of a vanishing rare commodity in Scotland: The rural primary school which in 2016, along with many like it, vanished.

The school, founded in 1875 was the main reason why my wife, pregnant with twins, and I decided to locate to Brig O’ Turk in the summer of 2003. We recognised the opportunities and benefits that a small school located in the middle of the National Park could offer our expected family – and to say our expectations were exceeded would be a huge understatement.

The location – a safe walk from home, the education environment (two fantastically enthusiastic supportive and dedicated teaching staff) as well as the single class (necessary in such a small school) meant that our boys’ early years equipped them with a solid foundation upon which to develop. With a tiny roll, normally about 8, there was nowhere to hide. Everybody had to assist, participate and be engaged in whatever learning activity was being undertaken.

Nowhere was this more evident than during the annual school play at which 8 pupils would perform in the village hall in front of 60 members of the Brig O’ Turk community at Christmas. Multiple parts had to be adopted by each youngster in order to make any production viable! 

Sadly though the role of the school in the community was terminated 141 years after it was first established leaving just a building, albeit it an old one with significant heritage. It would be nice to think that the new enterprise keeps the old school in the collective memory of this small community”.

You can help keep The Old Trossachs School’s memory alive and give the school a new life. Click here https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/the-old-trossachs-school and pledge what you can and please share.

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