Old Trossachs School

The Trossachs Primary School closed some 4 years ago and the Trossachs Community Development Trust completed the purchase of  the building in March 2021. 

The old school will be transformed into a Community owned and run Visitor Centre with surplus monies being ploughed into Community Projects to benefit the Trossachs, the community and the Trossachs area.  The Trust plan to open the facility in April 2022.

Trossachs Community Trust

The Trust was formed in 2001 as a local charity. Previously it was behind the redevelopment of the village hall after which it fell dormant. In the last three years it has had a revival and is now a growing force for good in the community. In 2019 we completed a Community Action Plan, in 2020 we delivered high speed broadband to the area and are currently concentrating on developing the Old School. In the future our plans include amongst others sustainable transport solutions and increasing the number of walking and cycling paths in the area, for instance one between Loch Katrine and Brig o’ Turk. 

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