3 days left & Home for history (2)

Only three days left to run on the crowd fund campaign – so that is still time for you to support the Trust as we repurpose the Old Trossachs School into a community led visitor centre amongst other things this will create local employment, provide toilet facilities for the many tourists who visit and celebrate our history. Just click on https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/the-old-trossachs-school and donate what you are able to and maybe choose a reward.

Our archivists keep digging here is todays snippet:

The “Headteachers and Teachers of Trossachs Primary” is a document held by Stirling Council archives, listing the dates of service at the school from 1716 to 2019. Of the 303 years, the latter 143 were on the current Old Trossachs School site. in the document you can see for instance Edith Strath who was headmistress from 1962 to 1973 who many in our community speak so fondly of.

But we can go back further thanks to the amazing census records publicly available at the ScotlandsPeople website we can learn a little more, for instance, about Archibald C. MacDonald, headmaster from 1895 to 1918.

On the 1901 census (having been head since 1895 when he was 32) he was recorded with his family.

There were, in the Schoolhouse (a building with 6 windowed rooms):

Archibald C MacDonald (38), head of the family and a “Schoolmaster”, originally from Kilfinichen (Mull) and a Gaelic and English speaker.

Elizabeth B MacDonald (32), “Schoolmasters Wife” of Blantyre.

Children: John (8), ??__?? (6) and Alexander (5) [Alexander was the first to be born here, the others in ?? Kilbrandon ?? (Seil Island) ??], plus the youngest, Elizabeth (3).

Supported by the live-in “Assistant School Teacher” Elizabeth Moodie (25 and single) of Dundee.

They also lived with Elizabeth Lindsay, the mother-in-law (57) of Glasgow.

With information like this we can really bring the past to life in the heritage centre.

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