Natural neighbours (3)

Sitting in the grounds of the school, there is the constant, comforting sound of bird song.  A healthy larder for the sparrow hawk, who like to nest in the woodland that surround us.

The larger female weighs around 260g and has a wingspan of 62cm and needs to eat around 60g, of meat a day.  Around 10% of prey attacks are successful and a typical song bird weighs about 12g so that’s around 50 sorties a day.  The male being smaller eats less but when nesting he needs to hunt for food for the female and the chicks so the poor chap has to work pretty hard! Makes sense then that he wanted to have rest and bask in the sun for a bit.

It’ll be much easier for you – a cup of coffee and a slice of cake in the grounds of the school, perhaps even a bacon roll (well it is the weekend) while you take in the view.

Help make our vision (and that cup of coffee) a reality at the Old Trossachs School: Pledge and share your support at

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