Why (3)

We caught up with Crispin & Nicola down on the farm and asked him why the Old Trossachs School is so important: 

“We moved to Brig o Turk four years ago as the Old Trossachs School was just being mothballed.  As potential residents, we were asked a few times if we had children (yes, but somewhat past primary school age!) and it was sad to learn of the closure shortly after we moved in.

With the building taking a stance in the centre of the community, both physically and symbolically the potential to take on a community ownership was very exciting”.

As Treasurer of the Trust and in-at-the-deep end with delivering the Community Broadband project, Crispin has been hands on with the project whilst Nicola focussed on the farm, building up the herd and delivering their  first artisan  ice-cream in 2020.

You can see the https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/the-old-trossachs-school  page for an exciting offer of an exclusive tour of the goat farm and dairy as a reward perfect for a family day out – and you get to work your way through the  menu tasting all our flavours. Just click on  the reward and pledge your support .

It’s with now a sense of pride and trepidation as we look forwards to a re-opening of the Old Trossachs School in just a years time. Who remembers a year passing as quickly as 2020?!  We look forward to a new home for history in the Old School and have already gone to lengths to replace the electric storage heaters with a greener (and cheaper) biomass solution.

As local retailers we welcome the shop not only as a potential stockist for our products and for other locally produced products … but also to limit our own time and travel to pick up essentials.  We hope that, amongst other things, the shop can take over and expand the delivery of our current local buying “club” at Green City wholefoods, providing low waste and high welfare products but using the wholesale model to ensure that there is not a price premium on healthy food.

With the Tearoom, our ice-cream cabin and the Old Trossachs School it really feels like there is some more energy coming back into the village which is amazing for our small community”.

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