Our School in our community (4)

Jim & Marina have been significant cogs in our community for nigh on 40 years. This is their story: 


Our introduction to the little primary school in Brig o’ Turk came soon after we took the plunge and moved to Loch Achray.

We made the move at Halloween in 1982. We knew no one in the area and hoped that the natives would be friendly. We had lived in a hamlet outside Milngavie. We were so keen to live in a “real” country setting.

An excellent way of meeting the locals would be by going to a cheese and wine night that had been advertised.
These social nights were run by the headmistress Mrs Cook. To our great relief, everyone was very friendly. In charge of drinks were Neil and Janice from Loch Katrine. Other locals mainly parents of the schoolchildren provided the food. Though this was not a children’s night, we soon met the pupils. With the guidance of Mrs Cook these pupils put on an excellent show in the village hall about Captain Cook. Fittingly the headteacher’s husband was a Captain. All of the pupils took part and
I remember how talented and happy the Primary pupils were. The village hall was bursting at the seams with proud parents and friends.. These children were from a large catchment area including Loch Katrine, Loch Achray and Brig O’ Turk. However the school numbers at that time may have been around 20.

We also knew two previous head mistresses, Miss Strath and Mrs Black. Miss Strath lived to be 103. In her 90s, she came back to a party in our house at Glenbruach and had a wonderful time catching up with her ex pupils, then  perhaps in their 40s. Her love for her pupils had not waned. They met with her once more at her 100th birthday party. She chose her burial spot in the cemetery at Minard in Argyll.

Following Miss Strath was Mrs Black who sadly has recently died at the age of 97. During this era the head teacher  would be housed in the attaching schoolhouse. This building like the school was Victorian and of an attractive sandstone. The pupils spent many a lesson in the gardens which were beautifully tended. Many children would walk or cycle to school. Much of the education was taught outdoors in good weather.

It will be so exciting to see what will happen next to the school building.  It has been retained for the community and we look forward to its new life.

Please help give the old Trossachs school a new life:  Pledge your support & share at https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/the-old-trossachs-school

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