Natural Neighbours (2)

As you enter the village of Brig o’ Turk you will notice warning signs for Red Squirrels – we seem to have a healthy population of them, including around the old school.

Research by Scottish & Irish Universities – some carried out around in the Trossachs – has shown that the recovery of the Pine Marten is helping to keep the Grey Squirrels at bay. This reduces the risk of the greys spreading squirrel pox to the red population, which is normally fatal to red squirrels but is endemic in greys who have developed immunity. Simply put, the greys move slower, are heavier so can’t escape to smaller branches & makes a bigger meal! As one academic put it, it’s a case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

Anyway, we all adore our Red Squirrels and we are sure they will enjoy the squirrel feeders we will put up in the old school grounds and then when you visit you may see them too!

Help the red squirrels! Please go to to pledge your support for the school and share the project.

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