Hang on!

The Trossachs, our home, famously praised by Sir Walter Scott for its beauty. It is part of the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park and we get hundreds of thousands of visitors, nay millions, every year.  Nowadays there is a lot of talk about visitor “management”, which always seems to have a negative tone to it, but really it is about providing adequate facilities for visitors. 

With that in mind when we started to build the website for The Old Trossachs School we also included some information on where visitors can park and find food and drink in the Trossachs at https://trossachs.org.uk/visitors/

Probably the single thing that is needed most is toilets:  We had an issue last week where, unfortunately someone used a garden in the village as a toilet leaving the evidence for the home owner to clear up. I am sure you find that unacceptable.  Next year when the old school opens its doors we will have a suite of toilets that visitors can use. Until then there are public toilets available in Callander, in Aberfoyle and at Loch Katrine and at the Glen Finglas gateway. 

Help us deliver on our aims by donating and sharing at https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/the-old-trossachs-school

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