Our school in our Community (2)

Today we share another memory.

Meet Liz & Gene, and their boys ( now grown up!) Ruaridh & Calum.

This is their story:

We arrived in Brig o’ Turk in 1993 and as a newly married young couple, one of the first things that was said to us was “we’re depending on you to keep the school going”. We hadn’t realised the important part the school played in the community or even given it a thought. Invitations to school events started to arrive, we duly went along and discovered that school events were whole community events.

The school cheese and wine evening in the Village Hall was legendary, with parents putting on showstopping performances which are still talked about today. Eventually we did do our bit to keep the school going. When our first son was born, he received a storybook and a card signed by all the children welcoming him to the world. Over the years, we knew that there was a danger of the school closing and as parents, we fought really hard to keep it open but by the time our younger son headed for high school, the roll had dwindled to 5.

We were incredibly sad when the school doors shut for the last time. Trossachs Primary School played such a huge part in our life in Brig o’ Turk, not least in helping send our boys out into the world as educated, responsible adults with a whole community behind them.

This project will help make sure that the memories and stories of Trossachs Primary School will continue to contribute to the whole Trossachs community for years to come.

If you think you can help with our crowdfunder for the relaunch and renovation of the school , please follow this link Giving the Old Trossachs School a New Life (crowdfunder.co.uk)

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