New opportunities

The bluebells around the village this year have been magnificent. They are such a harbinger of warmth and sun to come in the future.

With the future in mind we asked Skye Hatton, who is 14, for her thought on the future of the Old School

“The Trossachs Primary School has always been part of the village but now it has the opportunity at a second life, the revamp will provide a place to bring the community together. One of the things I am most excited about is the opportunity for young people in the village. The café, shop and other elements can provide work experience for young people to help develop skills for our future. The school can serve as a space to study as many of teenagers are seniors in High School, it would be a space with no distractions and help focus students to study. The project would create a calm space to get away for all ages, a space to relax in nature to relieve stresses and worries. It would act as a social space for locals and tourists to socialise and connect with the locals. 

The village is a popular place for tourists who are attracted by the beautiful mountains and trails near the village, the heritage section can educate tourists about Brig O Turk and tourists will generate income that can go back into the community. As well as money the project will boost the villages reputation that will increase the desire for tourist to visit. 

The school will have a positive effect on the environment with a bio mass boiler and solar panels being installed which may inspire others to use more sustainable sources of energy in their homes. It will reduce the amount of carbon emissions. The project will have a small shop with basics; this will provide the community a place to buy necessities resulting in them not having to travel to Callander or the surrounding areas for basic food such as bread and milk”. 

If you think you can help with our project to bring new life to the school and community, please follow this link Giving the Old Trossachs School a New Life (

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