Our school in our community

Today we introduce the first in an occasional series of reminisces of the old school. 

Meet Hilary & Richard. This is their story:

” Trossachs Primary School was one of the reasons we moved to Brig o’ Turk 20 years ago. At that time, our sons were seven and three so having a school in the village, and within walking distance, was a deciding factor in our move back to this area from Aberdeenshire. Alasdair started at the school in P4 and after a year at Callander nursery, Jamie joined him in P1. They both completed the remainder of their primary education at Trossachs before moving on to the ‘big school’ at McLaren. Like other parents at that time, we were regular visitors to the school for spring fairs, nativity plays, fundraisers, meetings of the parent council and other special occasions. It was remarkable how supportive of the school and the pupils, the wider Trossachs community was. Such a small school is not without disadvantages but for us, the advantages were greater. With a single ‘class’, all the pupils developed confidence in interacting with other children of different ages and abilities, and with adults, to a degree that might have been harder to achieve in a bigger school with individual year classes”. 

Please donate to help us give our school its new life so it stays at the centre of our community and pass the word on by sharing this website.

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